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Concreting in Brisbane is not a foreign concept to ordinary citizens. We interact with some form of concrete every day. Concrete exists all around us, whether in a tall skyscraper, a bridge, or a driveway at home. Indeed, it’s a critical material in the construction world and may just be the most used human-made product in the world. Fletcher Z Concreting and Excavation are concrete contractors in Brisbane that provide a concrete service to the commercial and domestic market. 


Benefits of a Concrete Slab House

A slab foundation consists of a thick layer of concrete that you lay on the ground all at once. Even though the concrete is susceptible to damage over time, homeowners prefer using it for their foundations. Contractors advise people to use concrete in warmer climate regions such as Australia because it’s not exposed to extreme winter conditions as in the Northern hemisphere. These are some of the benefits of a concrete foundation. 


  • When you compare the cost of constructing a wooden foundation to a concrete one, there’s no doubt that the latter is more affordable. You’d have to consider floor joists and other beam structures with a wooden foundation which increases your costs. It’s a massive task for a contractor to carve a basement out of rock which is also pricey. Hence, the preferred method is to lay the concrete directly on the ground without the added expense. 

  • Creating a concrete slab for your foundation is a quick process. There is preparation work that a contractor does ahead of time; however, the actual process of laying it down is completed in a single day. If the weather isn’t a problem, you can complete your foundation project within a few days. Concrete dries quickly, which frees up time to focus on other factors of a new build. 

  • Since we apply the concrete directly to the ground, there is no crawl space which has some nifty benefits. There is no space for the air to enter your home from its foundation, thus reducing your reliance on your heating and cooling systems. Naturally, you save on those utility bills. Additionally, there’s no room for pests and insects to enter and stay rent-free. 

Tips for Choosing Concrete Companies in Brisbane

When you select a concrete contractor to handle the development on your property, you’re entrusting them to provide an excellent service. It’s essential that you’re aware of whom you’re contracting and you ought to be sure that they’re skilled and qualified to complete the project. As the homeowner, you’re handing the reins of an asset to a stranger, and you expect first-class quality. These tips will help you decide on whom to turn to regard your concrete pad.


  • The process of laying down concrete is exceptionally technical and requires a qualified individual. When you’re searching for the ideal contractor, it’s critical that you check their experience. A suitable candidate possesses the knowledge of working with concrete to avoid mishaps that cost you money. Besides, it isn’t remiss to ask the contractor to view his previous work to judge for yourself if you’re prepared to work with them. 

  • While everyone tries to save money wherever they can, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor for selecting a professional contractor. When you receive a quotation, ensure that you go through every detail to avoid any surprises after the work is complete. Furthermore, don’t always select the cheapest quote as it doesn’t necessarily mean good. 

  • A critical factor for you to consider is some form of guarantee from the contractor. Any reputable concrete contractor will be confident in their abilities and provide a guarantee that if the work isn’t up to a particular standard, they return to adjust their work accordingly. 


For over 30 years, we’ve been assisting our customers with concrete construction which has helped us develop a reputation as the preferred contractor in the industry. Our customers range from commercial to domestic, and we always deliver exceptional results, no matter the size of the project.

We offer a wide range of services that we’ll provide a quotation for on the day it’s requested. Our work speaks for itself, and we’re prepared to return to your project if you’re not satisfied and only leave when you are. 

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