Give Expression to Your Personality with A Colour Concrete Driveway

Our team at Fletcher Z Concreting and Excavation will bring you customer satisfaction beyond expectation with versatile solutions such as a colour concrete driveway. We’ve gained extensive knowledge and skills over more than 30 years in the concrete industry. We enjoy sharing the benefits of our knowledge with you and provide you with quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship.


When Installing a Black Concrete Driveway Consider This

When you are considering adding colour to your concrete driveway, there are numerous aspects you need to consider: 


  • Finding a colour complementing your home’s exterior is probably the most important aspect of sourcing the right colour for you. It is also essential to keep in mind not to choose a colour that limits future colour scheme options for the outside of your home. It is why certain neutral colours or even black concrete are often the preferred choice. 

  • A black concrete driveway delivers a dramatic effect. A black driveway can match most exterior colours and leaves you with some freedom to completely change the visual appeal of the exterior of your home.

  • One last factor to consider is the amount of sun your black concrete driveway will receive. Black does tend to absorb more heat and can become a nightmare to walk or play on with bare feet.


It is always best to take into consideration what your concrete’s purpose will be and the practicality of a colour or material.

What Sets Fletcher Z Concreting and Excavation Apart Regarding Coloured Concrete Driveways

We’ve fine-tuned our techniques when laying coloured concrete, to give you the perfect finish and the coloured driveway you desire.


  • First of all, we offer a broad colour range from which to choose the perfect tone you want for your colour concrete. It gives you the flexibility to achieve the exact results you want.

  • Through the knowledge we gained from years of successful results, we’ve determined the best time to add pigment is during the batching process. By following this specific procedure, we manage to achieve an even tone every time. If the pigment is uniform throughout the concrete, scratches and chips might show up more prominent than when the colour appears the same throughout.

  • Finally, we seal any colour concrete surface to protect it from damage caused by the harsh rays of the sun. The process ensures that your colour concrete will maintain the exact colour for much longer.


Fun facts About Coloured Concrete

Concrete dates as far back as 3 000BC when the Egyptians used it for their construction. People only started to add colour to concrete much later, around 1850. The ability to add a unique charm to concrete structures by adding colour became very popular during the 1920s. Today it is still a much-enjoyed fun way of giving any concrete structure or surface a unique colourful charm. 


You too can add colour to your concrete. Give us a call, and we can make your vision a reality.

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