Top Quality Colour Concrete Applications and Excavation

Colour concrete is a new building material that allows creativity while in use. A versatile product that is relatively cost-effective and simple to use that results in beautiful interior and exterior features. Our many years’ experience dealing with colour concrete has resulted in many happy clients.


Benefits of Using Fletcher Z Concreting and Excavation for Your Concrete Finishes

We are consistent with each of our projects and take pride in our company’s excellent work ethic.


  • Genuine Quotes. We have a 24 hour turnaround time when providing quotes, providing quick and efficient service. Our quotes are fully comprehensive, with no hidden costs.

  • Experience. We have thirty years’ experience within the industry and can cater to residential as well as commercial projects. Our team of highly skilled personnel offer a professional approach to each project they are assigned.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee. We offer a satisfaction guarantee whereby if you are not 100% happy with our work, we will rectify it at no extra cost to you. This approach places all risk on us, ensuring your satisfaction.

When Buying Tinted Concrete, Consider the Below Regarding a Trusted Supplier

Before you make your final purchase decision, we recommend you review the points below to avoid complications in the long run.


  • Read reviews. We advise that you read reviews of the company before appointing them. Google reviews and websites such as can assist you with this. You can read our customer reviews here.

  • Products. We encourage you to investigate the products or brands that a company makes use of when completing a job. Many companies will use sub-par quality products to make a higher profit that unfortunately, you will pay the price for in the long run. We are fully licenced under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and offer complete transparency with our procedures.

  • Timelines. Before a contractor starts any job, deadlines should be put in place to avoid a project taking longer than needed. The contractor should complete all work within agreed timeframes.


Fun Facts about Colour Pigments for Concrete

Gone are the days of concrete being dull and grey, now you can choose almost any colour concrete you want. Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials, and colour pigments allow for additional creativity when it comes to construction. The colour pigment enables the concrete to blend with existing colours or make a statement adding a bold colour to interiors and exteriors. As concrete is durable, the use of coloured concrete for flooring provides a cost-effective and low maintenance solution. It is also fade-resistant, so ideal to use both indoors and outdoors. It is scratch-resistant and can be coated with a shiny top layer for improved aesthetics. 


A significant advantage of colour concrete is that you can mimic textures of expensive designs, at a fraction of the cost. Unlike carpets and rugs, concrete does not gather and retain dust, improving interior air quality.


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